What is Tetrinet?

Tetrinet is a multiplayer tetris game with weapons and supports upto 6 players at once. Players can join teams and play teammatches or individual against all other players. Combining multiplayer options with the good old tetris game makes it the perfect game for any age.
The client can be downloaded from tetrinet.org or gtetrinet.sf.net, a client written for Gnome.

Why Python?

Sofar people have been writing plenty of tetrinet servers. There is atleast one in C, Perl, Java and Java again, so there was still plenty of room to write a server in Python.
Why I choose for Python is because I needed the hands-on experience in writing a bit larger piece of code, and this project was the perfect oportunity to gain some experience in writing more then a thousand lines of code. Besides that, Python is an easy to write language and have plenty of packages available to do whatever you want to do.


Release of Pytrinet 0.2.1 and Pytrinet_web 0.1.1
first release of server and website!

Download the PyTrinet server

Once unpacked, run the servermain.py file and your server is ready to go. You might want to change some of the variables in config.py. The server listens to port 31457.
The Pytrinet Webfiles contains (python) cgi scripts to redisplay a game played on the PyTrinet Server after obtaining the game data using the /replay command.

Where do people play pytrinet

The first (and sofar only) PyTrinet server runs in the Kapteyn Institute, where most of the students prefer to spend a break of writing their thesis playing Tetrinet.
The server running in Kapteyn is usualy more advanced then the one provided here for download with the disadvantage that it is not always as stable as it should be. But it does have some features the released version does not yet have, like maxtris game (where you try to make as mani tetri as possible).
If you know of more locations where PyTrinet is used, send an email to derek@ddmr.nl so your server can be included here!.

Who are the people playing pytrinet

Since it is possible to record your own fields using the replay command on the server and the cgi scripts provided here, you can send me a link with your fastest 7tris, longest survival or impressive kill animated gif file and I will include it here!.

Some of the features

  • support for multiple channels
  • and support for multiple winlists (timebased, point based)
  • sticky and non-sticky channels
  • sudden death mode
  • survival channel
  • 7tris game (play as fast as possible 7 times a tetris
  • advanced winlist algorithm to provide more fun for new players
  • winlist human readable and easy parsable for website integration
  • game statistics once the game has ended
  • 'friendly' messages
  • team play
  • Replay of games played
  • User registration
  • Kick command
  • plenty of commands available

Known bugs

  • gtetrinet does not understand the /list command well
  • many, many more...